Bulging Puke is a cool, off-the-beaten track moderate climb in a fantastic location. The climbing is a mix of clean, splitter cracks with some more grassy ones. The cruxes are a couple grainy/loose piton placements and a few mandatory free moves. Much of the route has been freed(5.12 A0 with two points of aid((and variations)) by Jake Whittaker, Bob Jensen in 2001), though only a few of the pitches are easier than 5.10; nonetheless there are many pitches where you wear free shoes and enjoy freeing and aiding. The Arches Wall is sunset bliss. 


*Plan: Most folks climb four pitches to Angel Ledge the first day(reasonable because the second pitch is almost all bolts, and the third is 5.7), and spend two more days on the wall after that. There is also a sweet ledge for two or three a the base of the climb, which is a couple hundred feet off the deck out a third class approach ledge. Because many pitches have short sections of easy free climbing it is best to wait several days after a storm to ensure the route is dry.

*Ledge: The base of the route, and Angel Ledge are sloping but comfy for two or three. After that you will need a portaledge as there are no more ledges on route.

*The Elements: BP gets Sun all day.


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  • 2017 06h:05mins -- sean warren, brandon adams
    first speed wall with a partner. good times
  • Feb 04, 2011 2.5 days -- Erik Sloan, Ryan Baker, Gabe Mange
    Climbed this awesome route again to get the topo all dialed, and replace a couple anchors. Can be a wet in the Spring, but still fun. Arches Wall Bliss!
  • Nov 19, 2010 4 days -- Erik Sloan, Gabe Mange
    Fun Route! Sunsets on the Arches Wall are amazing. We fixed high and blasted as winter weather was on the way. Some sweet splitter cracks with a few grassy ones thrown in here. Woohooo!

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