All Routes (left to right)

1. Reach for the Sky(No Topo) VI 5.11 A4+

FA:1989. Jim Beyer

2. Mr. Midwest VI 5.10 A3+

FA:August 1985. Bill Russell, Doug McDonald

3. Realm of the Flying Monkeys VI 5.10a A3

FA:Sept. 1985. Steve Bosque, Dan McDevitt

4. Allied Forces VI 5.9 A3

FA:Sept. 1999. Steve Gerberding, Al Swanson, Mark Bowling,...

5. Mirage VI 5.9 A4

FA:May 1976. Jim Bridwell, Kim Schmitz, Jim Pettigrew

6. West Face V 5.10 C2 or 5.11c

FA:June 1967. TM Herbert, Royal Robbins

FFA: May 1979. Bill Price, Ray Jardine

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