Fifi Buttress
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All Routes (left to right)

8. 911 V 5.8 A3

FA:September 2001. Dan McDevitt, Glen

7. The Vortex IV 5.12

FA:Oct. 1980. Chick Holtcamp, Randy Russell

FFA: May 1982. Chick Holtkamp, Eric Zschiesche

6. T-Bag's Hangin' V 5.9 A3+

FA:August 2000. Bryan 'Coiler' Kay, Mark Garbarini...

5. Romulan Warbird V 5.7 C2 or 5.12c

FA:1999. Dan McDevitt

FFA: May 2013. Lucho Rivera

4. The Final Frontier V 5.7 A3 or 5.13b

FA:1999. Dan and Sue McDevitt, Penny Black, Brittany...

FFA: May 2013. Nik Berry, James Lucas

3. Techno Geek V 5.6 A3+

FA:October 1999. Bryan Law

2. Backburner V 5.7 C3

FA:Oct. 2013. Dan McDevitt, Ryan Kelly, Robbie Pitts, Steve...

1. Voyager IV 5.11c

FA:October 2013. Dan McDevitt, Ryan Kelly