Yosemite Climbing Guides

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(I'm not affiliated with YMS, and am not doing guiding at this time. The YMS guides I recommend are:

Top tier:  Josh Helling, Josh McClure

Second tier: Mark Grundon, Miranda Oakley, Alan Higgenbotham


(I feel strongly that if you can afford to pay for a bigwall guide, it is much smarter to pay for two - a team of three is awesome on the Big Stone, and the safety level with two guides is much more than double that of having just one guide).

The Yosemite Mountaineering School(209-372-8344) provides all the gear and expertise if you are interested in a guided climb. YMS occassionally offers weekend 'Bigwall Clinics' that are taught by seasoned El Cap veterans and are an awesome way to get to know the world of bigwall climbing. YMS is the only legal guiding service for bigwalls in Yosemite. Standard rates are $800-$1200/day for bigwall climbs.


Because of YMS' high prices there are always folks in Camp 4 who are looking to trade bigwall time for cash. Technically, anyone offering 'bigwall guide services' in the Valley can do so only on a 'by donation' basis - meaning their services are offered for free and you can donate money to them if you feel so inclined. By Donation guiding is usually in the $300 - $500 / day range.


Be informed: unofficial guiding does not provide you insurance in case of an accident or injury.


Need Help? Email me @ erik@yosemitebigwall.com