Leaning Tower
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All Routes (left to right)

6. Roulette VI 5.6 A4+

FA:March 1984. Earl Redfern, Tom Bepler

5. Heading for Oblivion VI 5.10 A4+

FA:1986. Jim Beyer

4. West Face V 5.7 C2F or A2 or 5.13a AO

FA:1961. Warren Harding, Glen Denny, Al MacDonald

FFA: May 2001. Leo Houlding, Jason Pickles

3. Wet Denin Daydream V 5.6 C3F or A3 or 5.13d(Wet Lycra Nightmare)

FA:1977. Darrell Hatton, Angus Thuermer

FFA: 2004. Todd Skinner, Jim Hewitt

2. Jesus Built My Hotrod VI 5.7 A4

FA:Sept. 1992. Eric Kohl, Eric Rasmussen

1. Disco Strangler VI 5.9 A4

FA:March 1985. Earl Redfern, Tom Bepler, Eric Brand

Speed Records