Middle Cathedral
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All Routes (left to right)

8. Border Country V 5.12

FA:Sept. 2009. Mikey Schafer, Dana Drummond, Jeremy Collins...

7. Mother Earth VI 5.11c A4

FA:1978. John Long, Mark Chapman, Ron Kauk

6. Father Time V 5.13b

FA:October 2012. Mikey Schafer

5. North Buttress IV 5.10a R

FA:May 1954 - Warren Harding, Frank Traver, Craig Holden,...

FFA: 1964 - Frank Sacherer, Jim Bridwell

4. Direct North Buttress(DNB) V 5.10 A0 or 5.11a

FA:June 1962 - Yvon Chouinard, Steve Roper

FFA: 1965 - Frank Sacherer, Eric Beck

3. Stoner's Highway IV 5.10c

FA:1973 - Kevin Worrall, John Long, Ed Barry, Peter Barton,...

2. Kor - Beck IV 5.9 or April 1963 - Layton Kor, Eric Beck

FA:1966 - Eric Beck, Mark Klemens

1. East Buttress III 5.9 A0 or 5.10c

FA:1954 - Warren Harding, Jack Davis, Bob Swift

FFA: 1965 - Frank Sacherer, Ed Leeper