Native Son is a step up from Iron Hawk, but is more classic and direct. The Coral Sea is still considered A4, but the rest of the route is relatively straightforward, with thin cruxes interspersed with long stretches of moderate climbing. Climb Native Son after you climb the Shield or Never Never Land.

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Speed Record

Ammon McNeely, Ivo Ninov
May 2006
  • Sep 2016 10 days -- sean warren (solo)
  • Oct 2012 5 days -- Mark Hudon, Cheyne Lempe
    No pitches fixed. Excellent route!
  • Sep 14, 2012 3.5 days -- Ben Lepesant, Ben D
    genius first ascentionists. best aid climbing i've done on el cap. especially pitches 1-7.
  • Sep 1997 5 days -- Erik Sloan, Jason Smith, Andres Zegers
    The Wing is outrageous! Such a cool line, right from the start. I got really sick in the middle of the climb(later turned out to be Hep A!) but my bros helped me jug to the top.
  • Jul 20, 1993 6 days -- T M, simone Ellis

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Trip Reports


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1. Partner
Ammon McNeely, Ivo Ninov
May 2006 (first one day ascent)