RBI is arguably the best aid line in Ribbon Fall, though it is not climbable in early spring when the waterfall is running. The rock is clean and steep, there is a plush bivy ledge, and the upper roof pitches are outrageous. RBI is easier than Afroman, but a little harder than Zodiac because of its remoteness and how few ascents it's seen.


Ribbon Fall is one of the first waterfalls to dry up each year, so often by mid-May there is just water running down the wall(which is just 30 ft. to the right of this route). So if you plan it right, you can have all your water already at the base!

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  • Oct 1996 5 days -- Erik Sloan, Jeff Benowitz
    Sean raved about this route so much, and it is the only real line up the middle of the back wall in the Ribbon Falls amphitheater so we had to give it a go. So good! The Maze was crazy cool dangler. Woohoo!

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--Dave Sheldon