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Bailing on South Face

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Here it is - the 1st Trip Report from ClimbingBum101

This inaugural report chronicles the bail off of South Face (V 5.8 C1) on Washington Column in September. Can you say 'snowstorm'?!?

Here's the video:

Here's the story:
After going up to the Valley in August -for only my 2nd time EVER!?! (Granted, my first trip was in 2009 for eight months - but hey!) Anyway, I finally got back up there in August only to only make it up to the top of the Kor Roof before gassing out. Figuring its always better in the caf; my partner and I BAILED (that's right).

But, the above video has me going BACK! And it was SOLO. Lo and behold the Valley had other plans for me (as I was about to learn).

Here's the pics:


155 Happy Ending After All

154 The Storm Comes In