Ribbon Fall
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All Routes (left to right)

18. Indecision Time VI 5.7 A4

FA:1993. Eric Kohl

17. Blue Collar VI 5.7 A3

FA:May 2014. Josh Mucci, Steve Bosque, Kevin Deweese

16. Chockstone Chimney IV 5.9

FA:Dec 1962. Les Wilson, Wolfgang Heinritz, Andrezj...

FFA: FFA: May 1976. Ray Jardine, Mark Moore

15. Ribbon Candy IV 5.11c

FA: FA (Star Drive): 1983. Mike Corbett, Steve Bosque

FFA: FFA: May 1988. Jonny Woodward, Scott Cosgrove

14. East Portal(No Topo) VI

FA:June 1964. Al Steck, John Evans, Chuck Pratt, Dick Long...

13. Vain Hope(No Topo)

FA:May 1970. Royal Robbins, Jim Bridwell, Kim Schmitz

12. Gold Ribbon VI 5.10 A3

FA:May 1976. Jim Bridwell, Mike Graham

11. Solar Power Arete VI 5.10a A3+

FA:October 1991. Kevin Fosburg, Paul Turecki

10. Gates of Delirium V 5.12c

FA:2002. Sean Jones

9. The Ecstacy of Gold VI 5.10 A3

FA:May 1994. Eric Rasmussen, Doug Olmsted

8. Keel Haul VI 5.10 A3

FA:1972. Charlie Porter, Walter Rosenthal

7. Dyslexia VI 5.10d A4

FA:August 1985. Ellie Hawkins

6. Hole in the Sky VI 5.10b A3

FA:October 1991. Kevin Fosburg, Paul Turecki

5. Hole in the Head(No Topo) VI 5.7 A3

FA:Sept. 1996. Jeff Benowitz, Rick Carlton Studley III

4. Reason Beyond Insanity VI 5.7 A3+

FA:October 1995. Sean Easton, Dave Sheldon

3. Sky People V 5.11c

FA:April 2001. Sean Jones, Phil Kettner

2. Laughing at the Void V 5.7 A2+ or C3+

FA:May 2000. Jerry, Sigrid, and Lynnea Anderson

1. Gold Wall V 5.9 C2+ or 5.13a R

FA:May 1965. Layton Kor, Tom Fender

FFA: 2004. Dean Potter