Afroman is the Shield of Washington Column. Thin, incredible cracks are interspersed with easier pitches. Pitch 6 is outrageously steep and thin; the Tsunami is legendary cool. This route is not that difficult, overall, but a couple steep, thin pitches make it better after you have some nailing/A3 experience.

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  • Nov 2017 3 days -- sean warren (solo)
    absolutly incredible route!!!
  • Aug 26, 2013 7.5 days -- Kevin DeWeese (solo)
    Stellar solo climb, every belay is hanging so if climbing with a partner it would be more comfortable to flag the ledge for the belayer to sit/stand on. VERY windy, ropebags are a must. Starts up around noon and blows hard until late afternoon. Still some loose blocks and though most cracks are clean, when there's munge, there's rainforests of munge and grass. Prepare yourself for battle.
  • Jan 2010 5 days -- Erik Sloan, Micah Bisson
    Amazing Route! Shield-like splitters but steeper....and on the Column. Woohoo!

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