Re-Animator is hard aid: thin, delicate features, with many fixed heads up the true prow of the mountain. It is a good primer for the hard routes on the Southeast Face, but is not nearly as classic as Electric Ladyland or Afroman.

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Speed Record

Chris McNamara, Jacob Schmitz
Jun 1999
  • Nov 2017 2 days -- sean warren, camden clements
    went back to climb top pitches i didnt solo incredible hanging curtain of rock!
  • Oct 2017 -- sean warren (solo)
    rapped of after 7 to get down for another wall
  • Nov 05, 2014 -- Brandon Adams, Joe marley
    8 hours to top of 7th pitch. I dropped an aider with one of our sets of hooks on it... Doh! Lots of fixed heads and hooks. An okay route.
  • Sep 2014 3.5 days -- Ken Bokelund, Hunter
    Cool line
  • Feb 05, 2011 1.5 days -- David Allfrey, Zach Parke
  • May 01, 2010 2 days -- Roger Putnam, Ned Leblond
    Good route...lots and lots of hooking.
  • Jun 05, 1995 4 days -- Erik Sloan, Sean Easton

Trip Reports

Trip Reports


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1. Partner
Chris McNamara, Jacob Schmitz
Jun 1999