Long and moderate, Tis-Sa-Ack is the route most often climbed after the Regular Route and The Direct on Half Dome. The cruxes are a few thin placements, but generally the route is straightforward and cruiser. Tissack is technically easier, but about as overall difficult is Zodiac because it is longer and you have to deal with some loose rock and other logistics. As of 2015 there are only a handful of old bolts on this 1969 classic route, so take a bolt kit with you and spend 20 minutes leaving the route better than you found it(and better for the next generation).

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Speed Record

Sean Kriletich, Jake Whittaker
Jul 2000
  • Apr 29, 2015 3.5 days -- Erik Sloan, Ryan Baker
    Awesome trip up the Trail of Tears, haha. We had some spring runoff, and trundled a few loose rocks, but otherwise had a smooth trip up. The Zebra, the Human Simbosis pitches and the Maze rule!
  • Aug 29, 2014 4.5 days -- David Weintraub, Ken
    As of 8/29/2014, all bolted anchors are solid. All gear/piton anchors are still gear/piton anchors, as shown on the topo. Most of the bolt ladders have at least one or two solid bolts (with the exception of the ladder on P8). Thanks to Roger and ASCA for providing hardware and advice! Also thanks to Erik for showing us how to use a hand drill! We placed 13 anchor bolts, 5 lead bolts, and one rivet. All lead bolts were 1-for-1 replacements of existing [sketchy] lead bolts. Anchors were cleaned up and are generally one bomber ASCA, plus one or two more moderate to good bolts. We wouldn't recommend going up there without a bolt/rivet kit, because there are still a number of rivets/bolts that could blow in awkward spots. (P13 has some sketchy hardware that could warrant replacement.) In general, the climbing is fun and adventurous with occasional loose rock, exceptional position, and good times to be had! If you want more beta, feel free to find shoot me a line.
  • Oct 1978 6 days -- I P, RM, RP
    Possibly approx 12th ascent



1. Partner
Sean Kriletich, Jake Whittaker
Jul 2000 (first one day ascent)