Triple D is a sweetly long, easy classic. The climbing is straightforward and the ledges plush, though it lacks the glory of the Stovelegs or the Salathe Headwall (better to climb The Nose or Salathe first). Because you climb the first ten pitches without hauling, Triple D seems less of an ordeal than the Nose. The cruxes are a couple flaring placements or camhooks moves. Super Bonus: Triple D visits a whopping 6 sleepable ledges, more than either Nose or Salathe.


*Plan: Prehaul your bag to Heart or Mammoth on day one via the fixed lines. Climb Freeblast on day two and retreive your haulbag, either fixing a pitch or continuing on to Grey Ledges. The traversing pitches to Camp 4 are esthetic, easy climbing but are often very windy and slower.


*Ledge: Mammoth and Grey Ledges are stellar. The ledge one pitch below Camp 4 is preferrable to Camp 4, which is very uneven and sloping. 


*The Elements: Triple D is in the Sun from mid-morning to sunset. The fixed lines from Heart Ledge make retreat from between Mammoth Ledge and the traverse above Grey Ledges very straightforward/easy. If after the traverse is is better to reverse the pitch below Camp 4, or climb the Great Roof, so you can rap the Rohr Rappel route which takes you back to Dolt Tower and down the Stovelegs.

Trip Reports

Trip Reports



1. Partner
Hans Florine, Chris McNamara
Dec 2005
Rick Cashner, Mike Corbett
Jun 1975 (first one day ascent)