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Route Log

  1. Jul 27, 2016 Zodiac, El Capitan Southeast Face w/ Gina Edwards. 2 days 05hours
    Started 11am 7/25/16. No fixing. Night 1 @ Pearly Gates. Night 2 @ Peanut Ledge. Topped out ~4pm. Pretty hot in the afternoon sun. Fun times, with just enough Type 2 mixed in.
  2. Jun 20, 2016 The Nose, El Capitan w/ Gina Edwards. 20h:55mins
    NIAD! Proposed on the summit (she said yes!).
  3. 2015
  4. Oct 26, 2015 South Face, Washington Column South Face 06h:09mins
    Stopped time at top of YBW topo P11 (tree with slings) when I arrived the second time with all the gear and coiled ropes. Rappelled with one 70m rope using Skull Queen P7, 6 and 5 belay anchors. Left some quick links and tidied up some tat. ~10 hours CTC
  5. Oct 20, 2015 South Face, Washington Column South Face 10h:51m:09secs
    Solo IAD adventure. Scouting mission for future fun. Was able to rap from the top with one 70m rope, (followed South Face anchors, rap route, went over to Skull Queen P7, P6, and P5 anchors, and then back on SF). Some moderate swinging is required.
  6. Oct 10, 2015 Salathe, El Capitan Southwest Face w/ Gina Edwards. 5 days
    Awesome route. Recreational pace. Pretty crowded. Day 1/2: Hauled to Heart and rapped down Day 2: Freeblast to Hollow Flake Ledge Day 3: To El Cap Spire Day 4: Second night on El Cap Spire waiting for the upper ledges to clear. Stellar bivy. Day 5: To Long Ledge. The Headwall is mind-blowing! Day 6: To summit in morning and in the Meadow by the afternoon
  7. May 03, 2015 Zodiac, El Capitan Southeast Face 5.5 days
    First El Cap solo. Hammerless. Didn't bring a portaledge. Fixed to P4, and bivied at Pearly Gates (two nights), and Peanut Ledge. Big thank you to Gina for helping me carry loads to the base and meeting me on top and helping carry stuff down.
  8. 2014
  9. Nov 18, 2014 Skull Queen, Washington Column South Face 09h:36mins
    Started at based of P1 at 8:29am. Reached P11 tree anchor (for the second time), with all the gear and rope, at 6:04pm. Traditional rope-soloed every pitch with Silent Partner and backup knots. Linked 2&3, 6&7, 9&10 with a 70m rope. After reaching top, rappelled back to the base and hiked out (I carried a second rope for rappelling). Car-to-car time was 13 hr 23 min (7:15am to 8:38pm) from the Ahwahnee parking lot. Had a blast and felt like I was taking my time. Type 1 fun all day.
  10. Nov 10, 2014 Skull Queen, Washington Column South Face w/ Gina Edwards. 1.5 days
    Hauled up to dinner ledge the afternoon of day 1 and relaxed for the evening. Started leading Kor Roof at 9am day 2. Reached top just after 6pm day 2 and then rappelled back to dinner ledge for another two days of chilling, exploring, and getting in some practice on the lower pitches of Southern Man and South Face. Sweet ledges. Lots of bold mice. Adam led, Gina seconded like a pro. She discovered that cutting loose and swinging rather than lowering out is both more fun and quicker, and proceeded to do it throughout the climb.
  11. Oct 29, 2014 The Nose, El Capitan w/ Gina Edwards. 2 days 11h:51mins
    Had a blast! Day 1: Started @ 5:12am with the haulbag at the start of the route (didn't fix beforehand). Made it to Dolt Tower by 3?pm (our planned first night) and decided to continue to Eagle Ledge. Opted to take the Jardine Traverse. Arrived at Eagle Ledge in the dark. It was smaller than we had hoped for. Day 2: Started climbing in daylight and then let Mayan Smith-Gobat and Libby Sauter pass, while going for what would become the new woman's speed record (which they broke again a few days later). We had to wait for them to pass a whole 2 minutes! Pretty cool to watch. Made it to Camp V before dark and had a super comfortable night there. Day 3: Started climbing in daylight and topped out at the tree with Gina, the pig and the ropes and 5:03pm, a day earlier than we had planned. Notes: -Didn't place a single nut! -No hooks or camhooks used except for one unneeded grappling hook placement on the Jardine Traverse, where I should have free climbed. -Adam lead and hauled every pitch, while Gina speed-seconded like a seasoned pro, while carrying extra water for the first two days to make hauling easier. -Rack: 3x .1 to #2 Camalots, 2x #3 and #4, 1x 000 C3. 1x each X4 offset. This rack worked perfectly and I never desired to have more of a certain size, and used every cam at least once. Could definitely be safely done with less gear, but this rack made it very comfortable. Led with a 70m 10.1 and hauled with a 60m 10.1.
  12. May 17, 2014 West Face, El Capitan West Face w/ Gina Edwards. 1 day 06h:14mins
    Very cool and different rock. Perfect weather and temps. Unplanned bivy on Grand Terrace (nice ledge!).Took a quick nap, and finished in the morning. Simuling the last 600' was a blast.
  13. Jan 26, 2014 South Face, Washington Column South Face w/ Gina. 08h:12mins
    Great weather. Gina's Bday. First Yosemite big wall!

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