Erik Kinsey


Route Log

  1. Aug 2009 Ten Days After, Washington Column East Face 3 days
    I spent an amazing 3 days soloing next to a friend on the prow. we rejoined atop Tapir Terrace and helped each other with our monstrous solo loads down the trail. too cool.
  2. 2005
  3. Aug 2005 West Face, Leaning Tower w/ Allen Higgenbothem, Kathy Schrader. 2 days
    Everyone has to start somewhere. We did everything wrong; our hauling was so backwards, some unnecessary long leads, sooo much cluster f@#%, and as we finished the climb Katie and Lynn came free climbing from behind. The whole thing was mind blowing. We finally got back to the car in the dark and I was so stoked. The problem was I did'nt know what I was stoked on?

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