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Route Log

  1. Feb 01, 2015 South Face, Mt. Watkins w/ Eric walden. 1.5 days
    Fun adventure from car to top!
  2. 2014
  3. Dec 07, 2014 Lurking Fear, El Capitan Southwest Face w/ Eric Walden, Wayne Willoughby. 1 day
    Awesome adaptive ascent of a fun route! Wayne got food poisening from a chicken sando and was vomiting for the whole second half and descent... He kept charging! We made it though and it was rad!
  4. Nov 10, 2014 Lurking Fear, El Capitan Southwest Face w/ Eric Walden. 2.5 days
    So freaken fun! It was cruiser! Super clean fun C1 climbing with some easy free climbing up top! Can't wait to come back!
  5. Mar 2014 South Face, Washington Column South Face w/ joe marley. 07hours
    led every pitch in 7 hours!! had a freaken blast! such a great low angle clean line!!
  6. Jan 18, 2014 Tangerine Trip, El Capitan Southeast Face 1.5 days
    super duper fun, but very tireing. I climbed the first 7 pitches then jugged the rest! great bivy ledge on top of second to last pitch!!!!!!!!!
  7. 2013
  8. Sep 01, 2013 The Nose, El Capitan w/ aaron stireman. 1.5 days
    we tried to do a NIAD but turned into 31 hours. I had to lead about 90% and there was hardcore smoke and it even breifly rained! I feel like I have been hit by a bus! still really fun and cant wait to get back!
  9. Aug 2013 The Shield, El Capitan Southwest Face w/ jaysen henderson. 4 days
    so fun! found tons of nuts that we got out in a matter of seconds... really cool headwall!
  10. Jul 2013 The Nose, El Capitan w/ jaysen henderson. 2.5 days
  11. Jul 2013 Zodiac, El Capitan Southeast Face w/ jaysen henderson. 3.5 days
  12. Jul 2013 Skull Queen, Washington Column South Face
    super fun
  13. Jul 2013 West Face, Leaning Tower 2 days
    very steep!
  14. Jun 2013 Regular Northwest Face, Half Dome Northwest Face 1 day 17hours
    too much fixed gear on the zig zags!

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