Ryan Strickland


Route Log

  1. Jun 20, 2015 Muir Wall, El Capitan Southwest Face w/ Ben. 6 days
    We spent 5 nights on the wall moving at a casual pace, quitting at around 4 or 5 pm every day. Not too much fixed gear on the route, which was cool. Mental crux was definitely P26; don't fall here! I nailed one #3 LA on the C4 pitch; it was the only nailing we did on the route. We did not need or place any angles, micro cam hooks, or the largest cam hook. Definitely bring the beaks. Lots of offset cams will make most tricky sections go quick. Micro nuts weren't necessary. Hauling the lower half of the route sucks... I'd recommend a 40'-50' lower out line. There are more bolts at the "gear" anchors than indicated on topos. If I remember right, there were only 2 all gear anchors on route, plus one on the summit.
  2. 2014
  3. Jun 04, 2014 Zodiac, El Capitan Southeast Face w/ Jeff. 2.5 days
    Fixed to top of P3. One bivy on P9. Hammerless ascent. Hand placed beaks, camhooks, and fixed copperheads were key.
  4. 2012
  5. May 30, 2012 West Face, Leaning Tower w/ Ben. 2 days
    Climbed to Ahwanee and fixed to P6 on day 1. Day 2 brought us to summit bivy. My first big wall and first aid climb. Mostly cleaned, but led P7.

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