Trevor Violette

Route Log

  1. Sep 04, 2016 The Nose, El Capitan w/ Cameron S.. 3 days
    Awesome time with Cam! El Cap Tower by 6p on Friday. A party of 3 Brits were there and had fixed to the top of the Boot. We used their lines to pass in the morning. I took the King Swing and made it on attempt #2. Was just a foot or two too high on the first go. Stayed at Camp V and fixed a pitch for the following day. Topped out at 3pm. What an amazing route!
  2. Jun 05, 2016 Lurking Fear, El Capitan Southwest Face w/ Chris Sproul, Cameron Saul. 3.5 days
    First El Cap route! 3.5 HOT days. Fixed to 5 day one; Chris and I stayed at the top of 4, Cameron joined in the morning. Chris and Cameron stayed at top of 10 on day 2, I rapped to p. 9.5 ledge. Thanksgiving Ledge for night 3. Topped out around 11-12(?).

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