Steep, protected from storms, and super fun, Virginia is a slightly more challenging start to Tangerine Trip. The splitter sixth pitch is the jewel of the route, but it is not as memorable as the 'Avatar' pitch on T Trip so better to save Virginia for your second time climbing the Trip.

*Plan: Most folks fix a few pitches the first day and spend 3-5 days on the route.


*Ledge: No natural ledges.

Trip Reports

Trip Reports


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1. Partner
David Allfrey, Scott Deputy
Oct 2012 (New Speed Record!)
Erik Sloan, Jaimie Mundo, Dave Bainbridge
May 2005 (First one day ascent. I'm pretty sure this was Dave's first El Cap route. Jaimie was raging strong. We bivied at the base and I went to bed early, worried that I was out of shape while the boys drank the night away. Coiler walked by the base in the morning and I called down and he said it was 10am when we were at pitch 4, so I was psyched. Jaimie led most of route after that;I led the first four and 9,10 but didn't have much night endurance then. I had dreamed of a Summit Solo and the boys consented so we trailed the ropes and climbed together the last pitch--the only reason we made it in a day as Jaimie had climbed all night while Dave and I bitched(about the cold) and slept.... Sweet times with the Summer bros!)