Wall of Ages
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All Routes (left to right)

6. New Age V 5.8 A3

FA:April 2004. Josh Thompson, Jamie Mundo

5. Age of Exploration V 5.9 A3+

FA:February 2002. Brian Kay, Josh Thompson.

4. The Yellow Corner IV 5.12a

FA:June 1965 - Layton Kor, Tom Fender

FFA: 1992 - Walt Shipley, Tucker Tech, Jory Morgan

3. Misanthropic Execution V 5.8 A3

FA:July 2004. Josh Thompson, Bryan Law

2. Resisting Arrest V 5.8 A3

FA:April 2005. Jamie Mundo, Josh Thompson

1. Voices of the Drowned/Mama IV 5.8 A2 or 5.12c

FA:December 2004. Jamie Mundo, Josh Thompson

FFA: 2006. Sean Jones, Jake Jones