WEML is the lesser climbed of the three Dawn Wall moderates, Mescalito, New Dawn, WEML. Like New Dawn, WEML could be more difficult than other Intermediate routes because of ubiquitous fixed heads and old rivets that would be difficult to replace if they break or fall out. Known for a few good pitches interspersed between miles of rivets and fixed heads, WEML is better enjoyed after you've climbed the more classic nearby routes like Mescalito, South Seas, New Dawn,ect. (warning: as of 2011 WEML still has some missing bolts and rivets that were broken in 2005 making the route much more difficult to climb--the first pitch has to be free soloed at 5.10).

Trip Reports

Trip Reports



1. Partner
Ammon McNeely, Brian McCray
Sep 2004 (first one day ascent)